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Myopia Control

An estimated 2 billion people are nearsighted, and it is expected to be 5 billion in 2050. Myopia (nearsighted), especially high myopia, can be dangerous, it is associated with increased risk of eye diseases. Our office now has several powerful methods to slow the progression or in some cases halt the progression of myopia. We customize a program that suits your individual needs. Finally, we do not have to stand by and prescribe stronger and stronger glasses as nearsightedness increases.

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Vision Therapy and Developmental Optometry

As Developmental Optometrists, we know the importance of proper visual function in appropriate development and the ability to learn new information. Vision Therapy is a doctor-run program of specifically tailored activities to help guide your eyes so you can read, write, drive, and do the other things you need to be successful.

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Patient reviews

“A Matter of Sight’s service is great and the staff very knowledgable. Previously, I’ve been going to Lenscrafters for years, and didn’t realize that the glasses I got from them wasn’t a great fit for my head/face. Plus the contacts was irritated my eyes. AMOS changed all of that with their caring service and attention to detail.”

Steven S.

“I went into a Matter of Sight and really liked their selection of frames, they were trendy and I’ve never seen them anywhere else. I really enjoyed my doctor, she was very down to earth and it felt like she really cared about me and my eyes. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that’s looking for a unique experience!”

Alicia C.

“Needed a new supply of contact lenses and decided to come here for a checkup as it is close to my home. Really quick and easy. Dr. Rastegar was extremely professional, friendly, and answered all of my questions. I will be coming back.”

Hannie A.

“Fantastic hand crafted frames and great service! My boyfriend and I walked in to look around and left with 2 pairs of nice Italian hand made glasses! Highly recommend this place, stop by if you’re in the neighborhood”

Maria L.

“I went back to A Matter of Sight for my annual checkup after having frequent eye strains due to long hours in front of a computer screen. Dr. Rastegar was very thorough during the exam and recommended that I get prescription glasses with blue cut lenses to block the blue light from screens. … I no longer feel the strain. Overall, I was very satisfied with my visit.”

Sirada R.

“A Matter of Sight has a lot of the nicer quality frames, … I really do recommend this place if you want a nice decent pair of glasses. I bought two pairs from them, Orgreen and ic! berlin. …The staffs are very friendly and helpful. …The front area where the glasses were shown is very bright, minimal and clean unlike other stores that I’ve been to. …There is a play area for kids too.”

Tiratat P.

“Love A Matter of Sight! Great service with nice atmosphere. They also give you a professional advices on how to care for your eyes. I really liked the selection of frames, they were very trendy and unique. Truly recommend to anyone who lives in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.”

Chatsaran K.

“Great choices of quality and stylish frames are available here. The staff is very helpful and patient with me asking a lot of questions. Thanks for the wonderful service. I definitely will come back to A Matter of Sight if I need a new pair of glasses.”

Rasa S.