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Carefully Selected, Handmade Frames

At A Matter of Sight we pride ourselves in supporting independent designers that are passionate not only about fashion but also quality.

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Iconic Eyewear Reborn

EYEVAN is known for its timeless design. When we look into hand-written drawings or archives of EYEVAN, we can see Japan’s genuine craftsmanship and creativity, as well as the enthusiasm of the design team. EYEVAN’s newest collection returns to its heritage, drawing from historic hand-sketched designs created between 1972 and 1985. These are the same styles that helped push eyeglasses to become a fashion statement piece.


Screwless Design

ic! berlin designs and produces screwless glasses and sunglasses in its own Produktion Haus in Berlin. 100% made in Germany. Each and every ic! berlin frame features a one-of-a-kind patented screwless hinge system, which combined with high-quality materials such as sprung stainless steel, makes ic! berlin eyewear virtually indestructible.


Innovative & Colorful

Known for its premium quality, an inventive approach to design and innovative color combinations, Ørgreen has always embraced the cutting edge over the safe, and the cool versus the commonplace. Designed and developed in Denmark, each of our frames is handmade in Japan, using only the most high-end materials. Rather than building on fleeting trends, the inspiration comes from classic lines reinvented into a unique look all their own.


Glasses for Rockstars

TD Tom Davies frames are the result of an integration of the skills required for handmade craft with an automated ordering process. Heston Blumenthal’s iconic spectacles are a bespoke pair made by Tom Davies. Other celebrities who have worn TD Tom Davies glasses include: Angelina Jolie, Matthew Bellamy, Rowan Atkinson, and Kevin Spacey.


Made in Italy with Love

A distinctive design coupled with excellent handmade production have helped to make RES/REI a brand recognized for quality and innovation. By focusing on blending crafts and design, this collection is carefully crafted to last years and to age beautifully. RES/REI aim is to give credit to the Italian craftsmanship. RES/REI is completely made in Italy, from the first idea to the final product. Everything is about passion: from the ambition to make an innovative project, to the enthusiasm of working closely with artisans that build each frame by hand.


Young and Bold

Between traditional style and casual fashion, chick and off-beat with a trendy London feel, the WOOW style will speak to all with a sense of humor. The little message inserted at the end tip of the frame will make you smile first thing in the morning.


Authentic Eyewear

Beauty based on harmony. And on self-confident individuality. The most demanding requirements in terms of design and quality combined with the demand to bring the world closer to the wearer. Silhouette is a brand for people who remain true to themselves and their style. With its Austrian-made eyewear, the company has been setting benchmarks for style, comfort, and material since 1964. The design is limitless and constantly surprising, whilst simultaneously being distinctive and unique.


Parisian Flair

Ninety years of experience, unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values. Lafont is subtly rebellious, with a discreet avant-garde touch of refinement. The collection offers over two hundred color combinations and a selection of unique mix-and-match materials. A deep-rooted heritage of French culture and taste is seen through the works of art created in the workshops of Jura.


Handcrafted in Italy

Each pair of Article One frames is handmade in a small village in Northern Italy at the base of the Dolomites. The family-owned factory we work with has 12 craftsmen who are experts in what they do. Prescription eyeglasses are thoroughly customized to ensure the best experience for the wearer.


Readers in a Class of their Own

Premium reading eyewear developed to bring a new level of quality and design-sophistication to the market. These readers are designed with a passion for beauty and a penchant for quality, resulting in the most alluring reading glasses on the market.  The combination of meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and advanced lens technology sets an unprecedented standard in distinctive reading eyewear.


Elevate Your Performance!

Constantly focused on comfort, adjustability and superior quality, Rudy Project sunglasses incorporate advanced materials and design elements to ensure you’re absolutely comfortable on and off the field of play! Italian designed, Italian handcrafted. Need we say more?


High Tech

A unique product line which combines style and technology in an unprecedented collection! The new and revolutionary polymer at its core gives it flexibility, lightness, and resistance which have never before been seen, offering sensational comfort. iGreen means style and is distinctively trendy and vibrant. The Chamaleo-ICG system and the interchangeable temples let you customize your glasses, playing with the colors and making them a truly personal accessory which is refined and elegant.


You Buy, We Give

It’s not every day that the choices you make can immediately change someone’s life. For every 141 Eyewear purchase, we give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. No portions of proceeds. No percentages. You buy, we give. 141 is designed in Portland, Oregon and handmade in Italy from Ultem Material making the collection lightweight, hypoallergenic, and durable.

Liberty Sport

Impact Protection

Not all eyewear is protective eyewear. Liberty Sport frames are specifically designed to protect against impact and tested to meet or exceed the strictest ASTM F803 standards. Great for any sports your child likes to play, and they’ll handle any prescription.

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