Tips for Decreasing Nearsightedness Early in Life

Today I am going to talk about the benefits of children playing outside. New research shows us that myopia is not purely genetic. There is an environmental factor. That is to say, the more time children spend outdoors, the less likely they will need glasses to see far away. This is important from an early age, before the child has already developed nearsightedness. The study demonstrates that an increase in around 76 minutes per day is needed to obtain a 50% reduction in myopia in children. This research is exciting for me. I can educate my patients on how [...]

Ortho K – Getting Rid of Daytime Glasses

Want to get rid of your glasses without surgery? Special night-time Ortho-K lenses might be for you or your children. These lenses gently reshape the surface of the eye at night while sleeping. They are removed in the morning giving you clear vision without the need for glasses and contact lenses. The principle is similar to the use of dental retainer used by an orthodontist to realign crooked teeth. I am so excited to offer this service in our practice. Not only to get rid of glasses and contact lenses, but studies have shown that those who use Ortho-k [...]

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